Now: New Book Kindle and Paperback available in Amazon: BPM & Business Excellence Integration from Dr. Hitpass & Dr. Román

Here you can find more information about de book:

It´s a pleasure to announce the publication of a book on the integration of BPM with Business Excellence Frameworks, a project that we have had in the pipeline for a long time with my colleague Dr. Jorge Román.  The book explores an effective strategy for Business Process Management applied to Business Excellence and Benchmarking within any type of organization.

Actually, Dr. Roman is in charge, in the role of an Excellence & Pioneering International Consultant for Dubai Police in UAE. This book, quite literally, would not exist without the Pandemic 2020. During the lock-down we had the discipline, perseverance, time and determination to finished and published our book.

The book will be accessible from June on Amazon and through our BPM Center.


An organization needs to control their business processes in real-time, otherwise:

  • We do not know, if we are delivering the committed value proposition
  • We do not know, what is the state of the process execution, without an analysis activity
  • We can´t answer a customer claim immediately
  • We do not know, if we are not leaving the allowed ranges (KPI´s)
  • What we can´t measure, we can´t improve it
  • You can lose control in order to determine if their goals are being met

The discipline that allowed to define and implement the business process logic for execution in real time, is called Business Process Management (BPM).

Business excellence models are frameworks (BEF) that, when applied within an organization, can help to focus thought and action in a more systematic and structured way that should lead to increased performance. Facing an increasingly turbulent and chaotic environment, more and more companies have implemented business excellence strategies and made quality a key element of their business philosophy as quality leads to improved business performance. The value of the Business Excellence Framework is intentionally non-prescriptive. It does not tell leaders how to manage their organizations.

Here comes BPM in play, as a recommendation to implement and execute a customized Business Excellence Framework.

The book explores an effective strategy for Business Process Management applied to Business Excellence and Benchmarking within any type of organization: big or small, new or old, private or public. It is written to guide leaders of any profession to not only improve their knowledge in processes but also in Business Excellence and Benchmarking.  It is a holistic approach to developing a sustainable, successful business no matter its starting point. Unlike many existing books to use Business Process Management (BPM), this book offers a unique value because of its user-friendly, linked the best of BPM with BEF and Benchmarking, straightforward, fun-to-read approach.

Current and future managers and decision makers gain the knowledge and skills they need to achieve organizational excellence. With a focus on continually developing the quality of people, processes, products, and the work environment, it covers all pertinent quality-related topics, including: an overview of quality, quality and global competitiveness, strategic alliances, establishing a culture of quality, customer satisfaction and quality, employee empowerment, business process management, leadership and change management, team building and teamwork, education and training for quality, overcoming internal politics and conflict, quality tools, problem solving and decision making, quality function deployment, statistical process control, continual improvement methods such as PDCA, TQM, lean management, benchmarking, six sigma and lean six sigma, benchmarking, just-in-time/lean manufacturing, and implementing quality.

The book will cover the following:

  1. Business Process Management (BPM)
  2. Continuous Improvement tools & Techniques
  3. Business Excellence Frameworks
  4. Adoption of BPM and Business Excellence Framework
  5. Benchmarking

The purpose of this book is to demystify the elusive process applied Business Process Management to BEF and Benchmarking in any type of organization and to creating quality culture through simple and easy-to-follow instructions. Big or small, public or private, every kind of organization has the potential to operate with a quality culture.

The authors of Business Process Management applied to Business Excellence and Benchmarking are both a university professor and an experienced international consultant. In addition to their academic background, the authors have years of consultancy expertise, bringing a great deal of practical advice to their approach.