BPTrends deja de publicar información sobre el mercado de BPM

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Fuente: BPTrends, 22 de agosto 2022

Readers of Business Process Trends,

As most of you know, BPTrends was first established in 2003, by Paul Harmon and Celia Wolf and we were later joined by Roger Burlton. Over the years we went from (1) a website that offered monthly information on the state of the business process market, to (2) a training organization that provided instruction in business process change, and then added (3) a consulting arm that helped companies make process changes. In March of this year, Celia Wolf, one of our founding partners died, and we have been considering how to adjust to that loss ever since.

We have decided to keep our training and consulting business unchanged. It will continue to be managed by a distributor network throughout the world, led by Roger Burlton at Process Renewal Group.

At the same time, we have decided to stop publishing monthly updates to the www.bptrends.com website. We will maintain the site, but will focus primarily on supporting our training business and offering our popular certification program. The website, as it currently exists, however, as a source of new information on process change, will cease to exist, effective this month.

These changes reflect our understanding of the current market. There is a perennial interest in process training and consulting, and an associated interest in certification. There is not, however, a widespread interest in new developments in process concepts and technologies, at this time. Consequently, we don’t feel a monthly report on process developments is warranted.

We want to thank all the loyal supporters of www.bptrends.com, especially those who have written articles and columns and contributed to discussions over the years. We enjoyed participating and hope we added value to efforts to improve the productivity of businesses throughout the world. It was a pleasure, at least for us, and we hope it was useful to everyone who participated.

Paul Harmon
Executive Editor of Business Process Trends

Roger Burlton
Managing Partner of Business Process Trends Associates